From the red carpet to rescues


Stacy Walgreen is the president and founder of Diamond Girl Media Inc., a full service boutique firm that specializes in public relations, marketing, branding and special events based in Los Angeles. Growing up in the jewelry business, Stacy knew from an early age that a diamond truly is a girl’s best friend and that is why Diamond Girl Media is highly noted for it’s work with jewelry as well as an outstanding success rate with all lifestyle clients. Offering a unique perspective, Stacy is able to create a distinctive public relations campaign for each of her clients in order to best suit their individual needs and goals.

After working for many years in various capacities of the entertainment industry and at larger public relations firms Stacy realized that each client deserves special attention. She feels publicity is a natural extension of their brand - not just a “service.” This is why she created Diamond Girl Media.

According to Stacy, "We only work with clients whom we feel there is something special and unique about and we grow along with the company, every step of the way.”

Diamond Girl Media has a proven track record of strong media placements at both a national and local level. Stacy has relationships with the media covering every beat using her great contacts in print, television and online is part of the hands on approach that Stacy and Diamond Girl's team of account executives use to get results for their clients every day.

 Diamond Girl offers its clients is a unique and intimate connection with Hollywood. Understanding today's celebrity driven culture, Stacy is able to place her client’s products onto the bodies and into the hands of some of the biggest stars in TV, film, music and sports. Through her exceptional approach she has incredible access, bringing her clients to the next level through celebrity driven events and press placements in addition to traditional avenues of media placement.

Over the past eight years Diamond Girl Media has become very conscious of the environment and has gained recognition for working with more eco- friendly companies, as well as hosting and promoting special events for in-house clients as well as others. It's a great way to connect clients, the media, educate the general public and raise money for a variety of charities.

 A fitness and fashion enthusiast, Stacy lived in Southern California for over 20 years and has her finger on the pulse of fashion, beauty, and luxury lifestyle trends. Whether in some of the most well known restaurants or boites under the radar of Los Angeles, you will always find Stacy knows where to find the A-list.